I miss Varna so much…

Aleksandra Kowalcze from Poland worked as Erasmus+ Trainee during summer 2016 at Lecti Culture Centre. Here is her story.

Summer holidays are not only a time to have a fun, but you can also learn something during this period. The best combination is to work for an organization, which provides you unforgettable moments.

Lecti is a culture centre which is located in the most beautiful part of Bulgaria. In a seaside city, Varna! Perfect place for holidays.

At Lecti everybody can find something for themselves. You are looking inside and decide what do you want to do to develop yourself. What is more, two angels – supervisors – are around you. Whenever you have a problem, they will solve it with you. You are not alone, even if it seems like that at first when you find yourself 1,500 km far away from home!

Summer plans

I can say that my Erasmus+ Internship was an amazing experience, which I will remember for my whole life. I did not plan to go anywhere during this summer. I was thinking to have an internship in a corporation.

As you know in a corporation you are like an ant. You are the same as one thousand people around you. They teach you what you are suppose to do and then you repeat this activity for eight hours per day!

No, it was not my dream. When I saw an advertisement about Erasmus+ Internship on the International Office door at the university, I knew it is something for me. One month later I heard Bulgarian language around me…

In Varna

Everything was new. Something different than I am used to. I have always thought that a sea is nothing special and mountains are much better. Now, I also love the sea. I love it when it is angry, and as well as when it is calm.

When I was walking around the city I was not able to read anything… Cyrillic alphabet! Nevertheless I was happy and excited.

I did not know what I should expect at Lecti. What kind of company or centre is it? For sure, in this enterprise you can be yourself.

Of course, sometimes you need to spend eight hours in front of the screen, working in Excel and making a database, but you know it has got sense. Your supervisors always try to explain to you why it is needed.

After a few weeks I had met more people there. I had an opportunity to feel Bulgarian culture during the social events Lecti organizes.

Back home

Now I know that the roses are the Bulgarian gold, Bulgarian yoghurt contains the Bulgaricus bacteria, Krisko is one of the most popular singers, Bulgarians say “ciao” only for goodbye and that many of the players in the Bulgarian football team are from abroad. I am able to prepare Shopska salad which is delicious and something typical for this region.

Last week… Nothing lasts forever, Erasmus+ Internship also…

I have spent three months in sunny Varna, where I was working for Lecti. It was my second home! I do not have any bad memories from this time. I have learnt a lot. I believe one day I will go back there!

I miss the Bulgarian way of thinking, way of life and “chakai malko” (wait a moment). I miss people! One of my friends said that the first thought when they are asking her about Varna is freedom. And she is right!

Photo: Aleksandra (standing) explains board game at Lecti Culture Centre to Erasmus+ international students from University of Economics – Varna.

(c) Lecti Culture Centre, photo 2016