Interview with Ania from Poland

Ania was a trainee at Lecti Book Studio in summer 2015. She worked with book sales and strategies, and country and market analyses. Ania also conducted the series of interviews you find here.

Why did you choose Bulgaria?

I decided to choose this country because of its climate and culture which are different from mine. I have never been to the south of Europe, which was also a reason. For me personally, it was important that Bulgaria is a great place for tourism. I made a few trips when I was there, also abroad to Bucharest and Istanbul.

Why did you choose Lecti for your internship?

Lecti is an international company, which allowed me to get to know people from different cultures. The company puts attention on being flexible, creative and adjust yourself to different conditions.

What was the most important thing you learned?

Lecti taught me how to cooperate with others, how to open myself for a dialogue and combine work with fun. Also, I learned a lot about event organisation.

How did the internship change you?

I am more brave than I was before. I trust myself and know that I will manage to overcome every obstacle which appears in my life. The internship helped me to achieve my personal goals and I because of it, I am more addicted to travelling now.

What did you enjoy most?

Hmm, it is really hard to choose, there were so many things which surprised me in a very positive way. I enjoyed the company of other interns which made my internship special and unforgettable. What is more, I enjoyed the city a lot. Varna is a great place to spend your free time, apart of the beach and clubs, you can find here many historical places, museums, great cuisine and beautiful nature. It is definitely my favourite city in Bulgaria.

Tips for Erasmus+ students and trainees?

Stay positive, open yourself for a new adventure. Take sun cream. Try local kitchen. A lot of Bulgarians speak English or German. Smile, Eat, Travel and Have Fun!

Plans for future career?

I had already graduated before coming to Bulgaria. I obtained my master degree in economics. In the near future, I want to find a job which will be strongly connected to financial analysis and also foreign markets. I wish to cooperate with international partners. If my future job requires travelling, then my dreams would come true.