Interview with Jana from Germany

Jana worked during summer 2015 with Lecti Book Studio, translating into German, editing English books and designing books for children. She also organised several events with literary and culinary topics and a couple of debates and trainings.

Why did you choose Bulgaria?

I chose Bulgaria for the simple reason of wanting to live in a country with which I have no real connection yet and is not the most popular spot like Brussels, Vienna or Berlin to go to do an international internship. Moreover, in my European studies programme I became interested in the new EU member states.

Why did you choose Lecti?

The concept of multilingual work and the variety of cultural activities fascinated me from the start. With Lecti I saw the opportunity to engage myself in cultural work.

What did you learn?

It is always good to maintain interest in various kinds of activities and interest on the job market.

How did the time with Lecti change you?

I am better organised with handling three or more tasks at the same time.

What did you enjoy the most?

Our training discussions in which we shared multinational experiences and ways of solving problems. Furthermore I liked the culinary events, which were always accompanied with really delicious food and my event in the German Reading Room on intercultural Balkan writers at the Regional Library in Varna.

Tips for other Erasmus+ students and trainees?

Try the traditional kitchen and some bakeries on your way to work – they offer very quick and cheap snacks. And visit the German Reading Room or the American Reading Room, they offer you not only books but magazines, films and CDs to enjoy.

Plans for future career?

I probably would like to work in a small agency or green or social non-governmental organization. Secondly, I want to continue to have a foot in cultural work and literary translation work.