Interview with Magda from Poland

Magda worked with Lecti Culture Centre, looking for funding and partners, preparing the arrival of new students and trainees, working on sustainable practices and together with Anna she prepared a very successful Varna City Game for children and Erasmus+ students.

Why did you choose Bulgaria?

This was my last summer before starting ‘an adult life’ and a last opportunity to go somewhere with the Erasmus+ programme. I wanted to choose a country with great culture, hospitable people beautiful landscapes. My internship took place during summer so I wanted to spend it in a warm country where there is always something to do.

Why did you choose Lecti for your internship?

Lecti has very tempting offers for students. You can participate in very interesting lectures and events organised by our supervisor and mentor. If you choose Lecti you get an opportunity to work with a multinational group.

What was the most important thing you learned?

You should always think globally. You need to foresee what can happen if you do something and choose the best option. You need to solve problem step by step and if something is overwhelming, you can count on your colleagues to help.

How did the internship change you?

Working with multinational group helped me to improve my English. After the internship I want to travel more, meet new people and their cultures.

What did you enjoy the most?

Other interns. It was a pleasure to spend time with them not only in work but also after. Unforgettable trips we organised together, exchanging information about cultures, learning foreign words – that’s what I’ll always remember.

Tips for other Erasmus+ students and trainees?

It is good to know some basic words in Bulgarian. Buy a lot of cream with UV factor. Some cold weeks may occur even during summer time so it’s good to have some warmer cloths.

Plans for future career?

Finding a satisfying job.