Interview with Pawel from Poland

Pawel worked during summer 2015 with Lecti Wine Co., organising a wine tasting and planning wine tours, choosing wines for the web shop and finding new markets and clients.

Why did you choose Bulgaria?

To be honest it is hard to explain. Probably the main incentive for me personally was the lack of objective knowledge about Bulgaria. Before, in my awareness, this country was known only as a poor country somewhere in Eastern Europe, famous because of its wines and beautiful sand beaches.

In the beginning, after receiving a positive answer from Lecti, I was a bit afraid but totally fascinated. All in all I had the possibility to live in an absolutely unknown country. Great experience!

Why did you choose Lecti Wine Co.?

Firstly because it is a starting company, not corporation. Secondly, Lecti was the only company which offered work in an interesting for me branch, focused on wines.

Nevertheless, as I already mentioned, this company is placed in the Eastern Balkans, a territory where I’ve never been before. I wanted to meet the Bulgarian mentality and members of local society. Lecti gave me great opportunity to broaden my knowledge in a lot of areas.

What was the most important thing you learned here?

Tolerance for other cultures and viewpoints. Earlier I was a bit narrow-minded in comparison to now. Thanks to the internship at Lecti I understood that it is possible to do business in every country, but you have to get rid of prejudices.

How did the internship change you?

I think that I changed my way of thinking during the time in Bulgaria. Of course I improved my interpersonal skills, I was taught how to effectively work in a group, how to respect another point of view. Additionally, my mentor gave a lot of help to solve my grammar problems in English. Today I’m very grateful for it. In consequence I feel that my English has became more professional.

What did you enjoy the most?

Frankly speaking, every day was a great experience. I fell in love with Bulgaria. In the office I enjoyed the most all the training sessions, which gave big amounts of additional knowledge in various areas. Personally, every trip to another city by hitch-hiking was pleasant experience. To sum up, I’ll come back to Bulgaria certainly, probably as quick as possible.

Tips for other Erasmus+ students and trainees?

The main tip: open your mind and enjoy Bulgaria because it gives you an absolutely unique impression. Despite of the average low quality of life, people are very outgoing and helpful. Nonetheless you have to show them due respect and willingness to communicate. Bulgaria is a state of mind, you have to feel it. Try to find a contact with local society, the Bulgarians are really great people.

Plans for future career?

I want to find a job in Germany (best in Berlin) and gain experience. I hope that I’ll have a possibility to cooperate with Lecti in the area of selling wines abroad. In Czech Republic, where I live now, culture of this kind of alcohol is much better than in Poland. I think that we could make here a fruitful deal. Next year I will try to go to USA or Canada on an one-year internship, after that make a PhD at my University and go to the United Arab States. Finally, I want to live somewhere in South-East Asia, probably Philippines.