Interview with Ricardo, Brazil/Portugal

Ricardo worked with Lecti Wine Co. about exporting and importing wines, finding new clients and markets and preparing the ground for wine trade. Ricardo also trained as office manager during the last few weeks of his stay at Lecti.

Why did you choose Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a country with a culture which is thousands of years old. The cost to live in Bulgaria is less than to live in most places in Europe. Furthermore, Bulgarian cuisine is wonderful. The yoghurt is, perhaps, one of the best in the whole world.

Why did you choose Lecti for your internship?

During my interview I could see that it would be a great opportunity to be in a dynamic company with a multicultural and cross-functional team. When I started my internship I realised that it was not only true, but it was in Lecti’s DNA.

What was the most important thing you learned?

Lecti encourages you to put into practice your academic background. Besides, Lecti provides training that helps you to develop your personal skills.

How did the internship change you?

Being part of a multicultural team, I could improve my English. I made really nice friendships, which I’ll carry for life.

What did you enjoy the most?

Everything occurred so well… it is impossible not to mention all cultural events that took place, such as: workshops, City Games, film sessions, brunches and tours.

Tips for other Erasmus+ students and trainees?

Be open-minded, responsible and active. I’m sure you will enjoy as much I did.

Plans for future career?

Finish my master’s degree, take a Toefl examination.