When you apply, please be as truthful and as open as possible about yourself. Do not ask “what should I write?”, but write what you feel and think. Be yourself!4

You will stay with us for some months and it is important that we get to know you already before you arrive.

We work a lot with dialogue and discussions.

We expect from you to be honest, cooperative and open-minded. Tell us when you need help or you cannot solve problems by yourself.

One of the goals of the Erasmus+ programme is to learn to take care of yourself and learn new things – about yourself and your skills and interests, and the world and people around you.

We invest much time in the learning process and we try to give you many possibilities to learn.

You will work in an international environment, so a lot of tolerance and understanding is required.

Conflicts, bullying and manipulation

Be careful with people, who try to make to think or do things you do not want to, or who try to manipulate you.

  • Bullying or mobbing means that a group of people exclude and use verbal and / or physical violence against one victim.
  • Manipulation means that someone tries to make other people believe or feel sympathy for certain issues and not like other issues.

We at Lecti do not accept bullying or people who create conflicts or manipulate. We have a policy for prevention and ending conflicts, bullying and manipulation.