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My first Erasmus+ placement

Published / by Lecti Trainee

During summer 2016 Rareș Ciorgodi from Romania was an Erasmus+ Trainee at Lecti Adventure, working with tourism and promoting culture and trips. Lecti Trainee asked him a few questions about his internship.

Why did you choose Varna?

In 2007 I was with my parents near Varna at the seaside. I was very much pleased about the people, and the culture that is similar to ours. And since then I have wanted to come back and explore the beauty of Bulgaria.

Why Lecti?

The first time I heard about Lecti was from my faculty teacher, he said that there is a trainee placement possibility in Varna. So I said that I must try it, because it is something new, and near Romania. I made a little research about Lecti and I liked what I saw. I mean it was in my priority attributes: trade, entrepreneurship and services.

What did you learn during your time in Varna?

The most important things that I learned during my traineeship was social media (where I promoted culture and culinary trips to different countries), trade and tourism activities. I had the opportunity to create trips to Romania and Bulgaria that are used today by Lecti Adventure. I was the second guide for an international Erasmus+ students’ trip to Kaliakra and Balchik. I also worked with possible partnerships with different tour operators around the world.

Another important part of my traineeship was a presentation about Romania. The name of my project was “Romania in my eyes” and I spoke about the culture, history, beautiful and interesting natural sites in Romania, but also about the connections with Bulgaria.

It’s very important for all not to be afraid of talking in public. This is a big opportunity to show exactly what an important employee you are!

How did you change during your stay?

During my placement I found out that you must follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter what you want, but you have to fight for the things you like. Lecti supports you in all situations.

At first it was a little hard being I my own, taking care of the apartment by myself, but I can say that in these months I evolved personally and professionally.

What did you enjoy?

There were many things that I liked about Lecti and its CEOs. I enjoyed my time in Varna because there were two special persons that took care of me, gave me all the information I needed, supported me in many cases and with ideas, and because they trusted me.

Bulgaria is a wonderful place, I’ve visited a few cities and I love its history and archaeology. I am a fan of Thracians and Dacians (they lived in Bulgaria and Romania more than two thousand years ago), and I visited some important ancient tombs.

The views in Bulgaria are very beautiful, but Varna has something much more: the sea.

What was difficult in Bulgaria?

The language was difficult, because I wanted to learn a little Bulgarian, but the alphabet is hard. But I managed with my English to resolve many situations and to speak with Bulgarian people about Bulgarian life.

Tips for the next trainees?

Bulgaria is a wonderful place, full of history and culture, with important culinary traditions (and also very good food) and archaeology. I recommend all students to come to Varna and find out for themselves the beauty of the sea, the taste of mussels (Bulgarian: midi). The people are very friendly and I am sure that you will be sorry if you don’t try this place.

There are many things in life that are not worth doing, but this adventure is definitely worth every moment!

Photo: Rareș talks about Romania at Café Olé Seaport, Varna, in September 2016.

(c) Lecti Culture Centre, photo 2016

Lecti Adventure placements in 2016

Published / by Lecti Trainee

Lecti Adventure offers two placements for 2016 – contact us now!

Lecti Adventure is a travel agency which organises cultural, historical, culinary and wine trips, seminars and conferences, health & spa trips in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries.

Trainee function : Sales assistant

Work description: Routine office work, communication, finding new markets, advertising, accompanying groups, project-oriented work with trips

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Duration: 3-12 months

Working hours per week: 40 hours (8 hours per day)

Accommodation: We help to find suitable accommodation

  • Events and trainings included
  • Office space and equipment provided
  • Transport if needed from apartment to office

Skills required: English – minimum B2 speaking and writing

  • If possible German and/or Scandinavian languages
  • Working / studying experience abroad
  • Intercultural competence
  • Ability for communication and assertiveness
  • Good organisational skills

Computer skills required: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, if possible WordPress, advanced overall computer knowledge

Driver license: Not necessary

Other: Interest in sales, team work and entrepreneurship; basic Bulgarian course obligatory; Scandinavian languages classes available

Interview with Anna from Poland

Published / by Lecti Trainee

Anna worked during summer 2015 with Lecti Adventure, preparing information about partners, analyses and possibilities for enlarging the markets for tourism. Together with Magda, Anna created a hugely successful City Game for children and Erasmus+ students.

Why did you choose Bulgaria?

I have never worked in any Eastern European country before and I considered Bulgaria as a chance to visit a place which is completely unknown to me. Since I would call myself a very open-minded person, I have always had an interest in learning about different cultures and languages. It was a great opportunity to compare Bulgaria with Western countries, which I had visited before.

Why did you choose Lecti for your internship?

Lecti attracted me because the offer of internship was well-prepared and promising. There were interesting and diversified duties included.

What was the most important thing you learned?

The most important and also fascinating thing I learned was cultural differences. All interns had the opportunity to present their point of view and compare it with others. What’s more, I’ve found that in leading a business, flexibility is of great value.

How did the internship change you?

The internship enabled me to broaden my horizons and gain life experience, which I consider as very important.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed not only being a part of the multicultural environment in the company, but also the location of the traineeship. Varna is a great place, where lots of various events take place, especially in the summer period. My stay here with other trainees was a wonderful adventure.

Tips for other Erasmus+ students and trainees?

Don’t be afraid of going to Bulgaria. With even small assistance from supervisors you will enjoy your stay here.

Plans for future career?

My plans for the future work are not strict detailed, because career planning is an ongoing process where you need to be also flexible.