Work with us

In the office you will work with a very dynamic team – young, lively and active.

Working with Lecti, you are required to participate in courses, trainings and events – music, films, literature etc. They aim at improving your skills and team work. See Traineeship and Lecti Events.

We are conscious about cultural differences, but believe that with good communication we can solve a lot of questions. If there is a problem, we solve it immediately.

We have a green policy at the office. See Lecti Entrepreneur.

We are looking for maximum learning effect and experience. With us you will learn several skills and receive information that you can use in your future career.

We want results. Communication is important, but we want to have your report every week and see the results from your work.

You receive feedback from us on a regular basis.

Lecti has a flat management structure. You can always ask questions or get support from your boss, supervisor and mentor.

You will be treated as any other employee at the office, but we will help you when needed. And we listen to you.

Contact us for any questions.